Airbrush makeup may be a gift to yourself this holiday season

Airbrush makeup could be one of your best gifts this holiday season if you want a flawless look as you bounce from party to party. It’s a great alternative to traditional makeup that is long-lasting, sweatproof and waterproof.

Airbrush makeupAirbrush makeup has grown in popularity in recent years. It won’t rub off so you don’t have to worry about it wearing off at a special event. It also will not transfer to clothes causing embarrassing makeup stains. It can also be used to camouflage tattoos or any other skin discoloration.

The makeup provides better coverage, is easy to apply and it lasts a long time without smudging. It sits lightly on the skin and can be less irritating than normal makeup because nothing physically ever touches the skin when it is applied.

How airbrush makeup works

Airbrush makeup is applied via a compressor and airbrush gun, which is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist that can be layered with several passes. It produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a matte finish. The finish can be thin or heavy depending on the desired effect.

There is makeup designed specifically to be used with the airbrush gun. It is thinner than traditional makeup, which allows you to get full coverage with less makeup than you would use with a brush or sponge.

Airbrush makeup is relatively waterproof, but excessive wetness could cause streaking. If it does become wet, it is recommended to blot not wipe to prevent streaking.

If you are looking to achieve a glamorous red-carpet finish for your special event, airbrush makeup is definitely a good choice. Naples Laser & MedSpa is pleased to offer airbrush makeup as one of its finishing touches. We also offer mineral makeup application. Please call us at 239-228-7491 to set up an appointment.