Finishing touches make looking your best at holiday parties easy

Finishing touches for your face and skin can help make you look and feel great for the holiday season.Finishing touches | Naples Laser & MedSpa

It is the time of year when social occasions and commitments mount and you are trying to look your best at every possible moment.

Naples Laser and MedSpa offers several finishing touch treatments to help your makeup, eyebrows, eyelashes and skin look the very best for all your holiday happenings.

Do you struggle trying to get the perfect look from your eyebrows? Maybe you should consider microblading, which can help you achieve gorgeous brows for up to 18 months with no worries. The procedure is like tattooing but uses fine razors to achieve very fine lines that closely resemble real hairs. The resulting look helps you to have no-fuss brows from the moment you wake up through the last nightcap after a long day.

Eyelash extensions are one way to make your lashes look great for the holiday season. Imagine not having to apply mascara and avoiding the dreaded raccoon eyes at the end of a long event. The lash extensions are synthetic, silk or mink and are available in different lengths and thickness. They are applied individually with a semi-permanent glue and will last for several weeks. Lash extensions will leave you looking beautiful every day, all day.

Maybe you are looking to accentuate your eyebrows and eyelashes to avoid the traditional darkening methods such as brow pencils and mascara.  Brow and lash tint is a semi-permanent color that will last for weeks. It is perfect for covering grey or darkening up blonde lashes or brows. The process takes 15-20 minutes and will last for weeks. It is waterproof and won’t wash off, rub off or sweat off.

Now that your eyebrows and eyelashes are looking perfect, finish up your holiday look with our makeup application services. We offer mineral makeup as well as airbrush makeup services. Both services will give you the no-worry, long-lasting, flawless look you won’t have to worry about touching up throughout the night.

Naples Laser and MedSpa wants you to put your best face forward this holiday season and are eager to help you find the perfect finishing touches. We have offices in Bonita Springs and Naples to accommodate your busy schedule. Don’t get caught in the holiday rush without giving us a call at 239-228-7491 to set up your appointment.