Kybella melts away that double chin

Kybella sounds too good to be true.

Kybella before and after photosAn easy procedure, with no pain and no downtime that melts away your double chin for a graceful, elegant jawline. Well, there’s a shot for that!

If you’ve ever considered surgery to forgo the folds of your jawline, a new treatment called Kybella is worth seeing if it’s a good fit for you.

Kybella recently approved

Since Kybella was FDA-approved and launched in the market in July 2015, it’s parent company Allergan has been selectively choosing which physicians and med spas are able to offer this quick and easy non-invasive treatment.

Not your typical filler, this injectable treatment mimics the deoxycholic acid that naturally occurs in our guts and aids our digestion, but in this instance it’s used instead to melt the fat cells under the chin, according to Mitch Chasin, MD, who was quoted in a recent article in Refinery 29.

The injections are done within minutes, and a numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment which eliminates most or all pain. Plus, you can jump right back into your daily routine, even get a treatment done on your lunch break at both Naples Laser and Medspa locations in Naples and Bonita Springs!

Your body will naturally flush out the melted fat, and the potential side effects are minimal — some soreness, possible swelling and some temporary loss of sensation in the treated area for a few weeks.

Most everyone is a candidate for treatment, but it depends on the individual how many treatments you’ll need. With each treatment you’ll see improvement. Some may need only two treatments while others may need more over several months, since there’s a four-to-six week waiting period between Kybella treatments.

The beauty of the Kybella treatment is that, when you have a skilled technician or aesthetician conducting the procedure, the acid will dissolve the fat without adversely affecting the health cells and tissues around it, according to a recent Glamour article. In fact, the treatment offers anti-aging results and causes your collagen production to boost, which helps tighten your skin in that area too.

The best part — once your jawline area is treated those cells will no longer be able to store fat, so it’s a permanent fix!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re curious about the process, contact us at (239)228-7491.

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