Laser spider veins in a flash

New advancements in the treatment of spider veins in recent years will give you better results and a far more convenient patient experience.

Getting rid of Spider veinsInstead of undergoing surgery or receiving painful injections with sclerotherapy, spider veins and varicose veins can be treated quickly with a non-invasive laser procedure in a single trip to the med spa!

By using the heat of a laser, the abnormal veins, broken capillaries, discolorations and visible blood vessels will permanently shrink and collapse and diminish the red, blue and purple spider veins on your body.

And it’s not just cosmetic either. Leaving varicose veins untreated can lead to complications such as poor circulation and ulcers.

Advancements in laser technology now offer a much more comfortable experience, a quicker in-and-out time, plus better results.

At Naples Laser and MedSpa, we use the Profile Clearscan Laser and its distinctive wavelength and pulse duration offers successful results for permanent reduction of unsightly spider veins and varicose veins. The wavelength of the laser offers strong absorption in oxyhemoglobin and melanin, resulting in selective heating of veins for excellent results.

While you’re undergoing treatment, the powerful contact cooling of the laser makes treatments more comfortable, but also makes it accessible and safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

The sensation of the laser feels like slight pinch or a hot spot, like a rubber band snapping. Anasthetic creams are used to numb the area before treatment too. At first, the veins may appear to darken or turn grey, but within the first week, the lesions will start to diminish.

The number of treatments needed vary from person to person, but with each treatment the unsightly veins will become less noticeable.

It’s important to know that these treatments stop varicose and spider veins in their tracks, but aren’t a preventative measure to keep new ones from surfacing.

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