ProFractional Therapy can provide short & long-term results

ProFractional Therapy is a treatment that offers both short-term and long-term results.

This kind of therapy is more flexible than most, improving the overall appearance of your skin – making it look rejuvenated, healthy and young.

profractional therapyWhile those who opt for profractional therapy will see improvements just a few days after treatment, the real results come a few months later. The laser’s true appeal and most beneficial result is that it boots your collagen production

It’s a workhorse in the laser world helping reduce the visibility of acne and other general scars, as well as stretchmarks, reducing redness and improving skin texture, according to

The best part, it’s been around for roughly 10 years and was one of the first laser treatments to require less downtime and offer better results, so it’s a tried and true therapy. The way it works differently from other kinds of lasers is that instead of removing the entire surface area of the skin, it removes narrow channels beneath the skin’s surface – only a fraction of the total surface area, hence its name.

Opting to treat a part of the whole and specifically the damaged portions means a shorter recovery time, but also initiates the body’s wound healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing.

Your profractional therapy goals

Depending on what your overall skin goals are, it is important to know profractional therapy will not make much of an impact on older white or silvery stretch marks or older scars lacking pigment because lasers do their work by targeting color and pigment in the skin or hair.

It’s true skin restoration, creating some small damage to boost healing and thereby improve the overall appearance of your skin! This treatment activates fibroblast production to offer increased turgor and thickness to the skin for visibly smooth and plump skin and smaller pores. Profractional laser treatments can be used to improve deep scarring or more superficial concerns, depending on your needs.

How deep you opt to go will affect your recovery time and how soon you can get more profractional treatments. For some, one treatment is all that’s needed, but usually more are required and typically, those undergoing treatment are told to wait a minimum of a month between treatments.

Still, some beauty patients have found they can go out in public if not later the same day of treatment then within 2 or 3 days after treatment with little to no redness by the third day.

Often profractional therapy works best when bundled with other kinds of skin treatment or even other types of laser treatment. At Naples Laser and Med Spa, our physician’s assistants and certified esthetician/laser technician at both our Naples and Bonita locations are ready to answer any questions you have to find the best skin treatments to fit your needs. Call (239)228-7491 for more information.